Tamimi Fisheries Company is the leading seafood exporter from Yemen. The company specializes in the processing and export of fresh and frozen seafood products. The company was founded in 2001 in Ash-Sheher City (Hadhramout province – YEMEN). With many years of business, Tamimi Fisheries Company guarantees its clients a reliable long-term business with high level of services.

The company employs around 300 workers and have the capacity of producing 30mt of frozen products and 10mt of fresh products per day. In addition, the company have a storage capacity of 1000mt and a block ice unit with 20mt ice production capacity.

Success story: With its in-depth experience and commitment in the seafood business, Tamimi Fisheries Company has been able to establish strong business relations with many reputable organizations from all over the globe. The company has always worked hard to deliver and maintain its promised high quality standards and competitive prices to meet its clients’ long-term objectives in a cooperative manner.

Our vision: To be a leading world-class seafood processor and exporter, recognized for our products’ high quality standards, business reliability and commitment.

Our mission: 

  • To supply the world with top-quality, healthy, and unpolluted fishery products.

  • To transform and develop the seafood industry in Yemen through the provision of value-added products.

  • To support the national economy and provide work opportunities.

Company activities: Fresh and Frozen Seafood processing, packing, storage, export, and local distribution.


Middle East:
Saudi Arabia
Qatar, ets.
Far East:
Malaysia, etc.
Western Europe
France, etc.
Eastern Europe
North Africa
Algeria, etc.
East Africa
Mauritious, etc.
South Africa
South Africa
West Africa
Cameroon, etc.

Throughout the last ten years of business, Tamimi Fisheries Compony has successfully developed to be Yemen’s leading seafood exporter. The company has established strong trade relations with many reputable companies in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa through years of commitment, reliability, and high level of services.


Tamimi Fisheries Company implements excellent production and quality control systems based on GMPs and HACCP, which are managed by skilled and qualified Yemeni and overseas technicians. In addition, the exemplary hygiene and processing standards maintained at the plant ensures premium quality products.

A modern laboratory is established in the processing plant in order to insure effective, fast, and reliable in-house testing and quality assurance. Furthermore, strict and up-to-date quality assurance measures are in place for monitoring and maintaining our quality and hygienic standards.

Finally, the EEC approval and HACCP audit certification is a proven track record of the company’s commitment and innovation.