Located on the southern coast of Yemen, Tamimi Fisheries Co. Ltd. is a family-based company specialized on processing, packing and exporting fresh and frozen (Yemen origin) seafood products worldwide




We started on Feb 2002, where the company was first established. With a production capacity of only 10 tons a day. On the first years, we analyzed the size of our resources and the increasing demand of seafood products globally. Therefore we immediately started focusing on maximizing our production. Today, after years of hardworking and developments, the company has become capable of processing and freezing hundreds of tons a day with a storage space of 9,000 MT.


Experience, business partners, and hard work are the fuel that pushed us forward in the industry


On the long run, we gained yet we are still gaining more experience on the industry by discovering new markets, adding new products to our list, and developing our services in which to fulfil our client needs.


We couldn’t reach this far without them. The long term business relationship is a feedback of the quality of the provided services.




Extra effort is always needed in any type of business to develop and gain success, therefor we are spending an enormous amount of energy throughout the entire process of production and exporting, to ensure a constant level of quality in each shipment.


The demand of seafood products is creasing rapidly as the business grows, which open the chance for new opportunities to rise in the industry. Therefore, with the support of our rich resources, we are pleased to welcome new partnerships, product ideas and trade routes that will help us deliver more goods with best quality at the lowest cost possible.